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Hi and welcome,

These pages represent the recent creative history of the Gomez Whitney studio where I work with my wife Veronica. We build designs and creations that more and more people appreciate in their homes and lives.

Our back grounds bring us to design from different starting points than many others. We both studied art at Minnesota State Universities. Just out of school I owned an experimental art gallery and performance space in Minneapolis. Veronica became programming director in 2000 until it closed in 2002. While it was open, Gus Lucky's Gallery hosted hundreds of local, national, and international performers. We emphasized experimentation and enjoyed being an artistic icon and being a not easily consumed venue. Many of the local artists we hosted have gone on to international success, a handful of them showing in Whitney Biennials.

In 1999 I was asked to build sculptural women's clothing for theatrical fashion shows. Eventually this turned into a women's clothing line. Veronica and I collaborated on this line for a boutique in Minneapolis. This label ended but Veronica continues to make custom gowns for shows and commissions.

In 2004 I started working for Urban Outfitters as a display artist in a Minneapolis location. I built displays and fixtures for one location and at store openings. This is what started me in furniture building. In 2006 I started my own design company catering to small retail businesses. Now I design and build for more than a dozen commercial clients, creating innovative and functional fixtures and interiors.

2009 has been a year of "home". Just as retail businesses began to reduce projects we started getting requests for some very interesting in-home projects. This is in addition to a boom in online orders for my very simple Veronica Shelves.

As one of the toughest years for communities and families around the world teaches us against excess I am thankful that our simplicity and elegance still brings value to peoples homes and lives.

Thank you for visiting,

Jonathan Gomez Whitney